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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment and Tracking Services

Balanced and correctly aligned wheels can improve steering and handling, increase fuel efficiency and prolong the life of your tyres. An IN‘n’OUT Wheel Alignment service will help keep your vehicle on the road longer and provide a more comfortable ride

What’s Included with a full 4 Wheel Laser Alignment Service

Our full 4 wheel laser alignment service is performed within 60 minutes and applies to any vehicle make or model.

  • State of the art 4 wheel Laser Alignment and Tracking
  • Printed report to take away
  • Prolongs life of tyres
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Reduced wear on suspension components
  • All makes and models of cars
  • Completed within 60 minutes
  • Fixed price of £100 Inc. Parts & Labour
  • Is your vehicle pulling to one side?

    Potholes, rough roads and the occasional hitting of a curb don’t just make for an uncomfortable ride; they can knock your wheels out of correct alignment. Misaligned wheels can pull your vehicle to one side and cause you to constantly correct your steering. If your vehicle pulls to one side consistently, especially when you apply your brakes, this can be because of an alignment issue.

    Lack of correct alignment can also cause an annoying vibration or “shimmy” in the steering wheel rack. When your vehicles wheels that are out of alignment can also cause uneven wear on the tyres. The tyres will wear out unevenly and more quickly, and will not grip the road properly, especially in bad weather. If left unchecked, misaligned wheels can cost you time, money and headaches.

    How often should you check wheel alignment?

    Vehicle manufacturers recommend that Alignment, Drivetrain and Suspension are checked at the same time as an Oil change. However, because many Alignment issues are often the result of a specific incident, such as driving over a pot hole or hitting a curb, it is better to be safe and have your vehicles wheel alignment checked immediately after the incident.

    To arrange, please contact your local IN‘n’OUT Autocentre directly or call our Customer Care Team on 0333 247 9999.

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