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DPF Clean


What is a DPF Maintenance Clean

Most modern Diesel cars have a Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF ). Over time, these soot-removing filters become clogged and require cleaning to ensure optimum efficiency and to avoid expensive repairs. IN'n'OUT Autocentres DPF maintenance clean is a professional treatment that will remove and clean the DPF filter from excessive build up of soot and other particulates.

Do I need DPF Cleaning

You will need DPF cleaning if your car is experiancing any of the following symptoms

  • DPF warning light has appeared on your dashboard
  • Loss of engine power
  • The automatic start-stop isn't working
  • Noticable drop in fuel economy
  • Cools fans are running longer then normal
  • Where can I get DPF Cleaned?

    To arrange, please contact your local IN'n'OUT Autocentre directly or call our Customer Care Team on 0333 247 9999.

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