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Car and Van Batteries

If you require a new car battery, IN’n’OUT Autocentres provides a full car battery replacement service and will safely dispose of your old battery in line with strict environmental standards. Your battery is the heart of your vehicles electrical systems, and it’s the only source of power to get your car started. Flat batteries are one of the primary reasons for breakdown calls in the UK, especially cold winter mornings.

Call or visit IN‘n’OUT Autocentres for fitting information

Car batteries are not available to purchase online yet. Please call our customer services team on 0333 247 9999 or your local IN'n'OUT Autocentre, who will quote for the exact type of battery required for your vehicle.

Please have your car's Vehicle Reisgration Mark ready to help us identify the correct model and type of battery required. Each of our Autocentres stock a wide variety of car batteries and specialist batteries are ordered and delivered within 30 minutes.

Car Batteries at IN‘n’OUT Autocentres

Car batteries have an average life span of 4-5 years for peak efficency, and battery life deterioration is made worse with cold weather. When the battery fails, it's usually at the most inconvenient time - either during the school run or on the way to work. We recommend you regularly check the health of your battery, and thankfully, replacing a battery is easy and doesn't take long.

When changing your Battery we also check your battery and alternator performance as part of either a winter check. We keep batteries in stock to cover most vehicles, with many more held just 30 minutes away at our key suppliers. It's important to fit the right battery to your car not just the cheapest. Battery technology has moved on with more and more start/stop cars and the demands placed on a car battery are far higher than ever before.

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